July 15, 1998

US Special Operations Command Contracts for Position Integrity Innovations

July 15, 1998


Today the U.S. Special Operations Command contracted for $110,000 for advanced graphic engines to drive the service's Jagged Shadow Digital Call For Fire (DCFF) system.  The DCFF is a man-wearable GPS-based computing system which allows forward observers to laser designate a target in the field and send encrypted electronic messages to supporting aircraft, artillery or other weaponry to engage the target.  Integration contractor Litton Data Systems Division (Agoura Hills, CA) also contracted with the PI team for $50,000 in software consulting and support.


Position Integrity graphic engines will drive the soldiers computers and provide graphical moving map and tactical display features.  Based on third generation graphics technology, the PI application will be tested by the DOD National Assessment Group at ranges throughout the United States.  The trials will lead up to the first of its kind live-fire engagement of a target through the man-wearable DCFF system.


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