May 25, 1999

The Premier  Issue of "NAVY SBIR/STTR Success Stories" Showcases PI Innovation.

May 25, 1999


The NAVY has decided to start publishing its own success stories which have been spawned from the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.  In its premier edition,  Position Integrity's Adaptive Real-time Altitude Detection (ARAD) algorithms are described in an article entitled, "Helping Pilots See the Ground In Any Weather."


The magazine points out how ARAD algorithms compare the present GPS-derived aircraft location with highly accurate terrain databases for the same region, and then extrapolate ahead of the current position to give the pilot adequate time to take evasive action.  The NAVY was excited because the system has widespread potential application in commercial aviation by providing a terrain avoidance system for use outside FAA controlled airspace.


For a copy of NAVY SBIR/STTR Success Stories 1999, call the Office of Naval Research at 703-696-0342. The expose appears on page 14.


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