February 26, 2000

Maptech Becomes First Distributor of Position Integrity IFR AeroData Packs

February 26, 2000


In an agreement signed today between Maptech, Inc. (Andover, MA) and Position Integrity LLC, the PI IFR AeroData Packs and Obstacle Packs will be sold and distributed through Maptech's extensive dealer network. The agreement marks a new milestone in the long and fruitful 5 year relationship between the firms, which first started with an idea for applying PI's GeoTIFF technology to Maptech's VFR Aerochart series of digitized raster maps. Maptech has a long legacy of providing navigation maps to the marine community, and the two companies have been crafting a long term defendable strategy for gaining significant market share in the growing general aviation community. The marriage of Maptech VFR/raster and Position Integrity IFR/vector products was a logical match and made good use of each other's strategic value chains. Maptech will be announcing the new joint product line in support of GA pilots just before this year's Oshkosh WI conference and fly-in, which starts this July 26.


IFR AeroData Packs


The IFR AeroData Packs are global in scope, are updated every 28 days and cover the following aeronautical elements:



         Airport NAVAIDS

         Airport Remarks


         Services and Facilities




         GRID MORA



Obstacle Pack


In addition Position Integrity will also offer obstacles for the U.S. through Maptech distribution channels. This collection of United States obstacles is essential for situation awareness at low altitudes and terminal area navigation. The database includes utility towers, catenary cables, tall buildings, bridges, monuments, control structures, cranes, stacks, water tanks, cooling towers, refinery pipes, tramways, windmills, elevators, dams, tethered balloons, signs, spires, signs, radio station equipment and temporary structures which pose a hazard to navigation. The Obstacle Packs will be updated every 56 days.


Digital Aviator


Maptech and Position Integrity subscribers are treated to our free Windows moving map and tactical display application called "Digital Aviator." The application includes a version of all the data elements cited above, as well as raster charts for the U.S. and Europe. We also include a sample of a global database of satellite-based Multispectral Imagery which we will be distributing this fall with our partners at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Digital Aviator also includes a high-definition global basemap covering all the landmasses, high resolution shorelines and island depictions. This basemap works well with an associated 120,000-place names gazetteer which includes just about every country, state, province, city and island in the world. The application also boasts an obstacle avoidance system and enroute terrain alert function. It includes a new GPS wizard which makes connection to most receivers automatic. Our new waypoint navigation function assists pilots in route planning and real-time conduct. And we incorporate a GPS simulator for conducting training exercises or reviewing planned routes.


Web Storefront


Both PI IFR and Maptech VFR products will be available for sale at www.positionintegrity.com on a 24x7 basis for instantaneous download. As on option users can also elect to receive the data on CD-ROM which can be sent overnight to their address.

For more information contact Robert A. Severino at Position Integrity or by email at





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