May 1, 2000

Joint DOD Mission Uses Position Integrity Digital Aviator in Kenya Relief Effort

May 1, 2000


Navy and Army troops were deployed today to provide medical relief and food supplies to Mombasa Harbor, Kenya under a CENTCOM mission called NATURAL FIRE 00.  Position Integrity provided its GPS-Based Digital Aviator tactical display application which ran on laptops used by the Intelligence Officers.  Digital Aviator in turn used NIMA datasets from their ADRG, CADRG, DNC, VMAP, DAFIF, and DVOF collections.


While the units were deployed with commercial grade GPS units, they couldn't have picked a more opportune time to use them.  On the evening of the first day's deployment, President Clinton announced that Selective Availability, the intentional degrading of commercial GPS performance, would cease at midnight of that day. 


The joint services used the PI/DA software for navigation from the large Navy ships onto shore and then from the shore area to the Embassy and relief dispatch points within Mombasa City.  Therefore map databases were provided by Position Integrity for the sea, land and air domains.  The same application was designed for just such a multi-mode transportation mission based on the Position Integrity's history of supporting the U.S. Special Operations Command Jagged Shadow Digital Call for Fire (DCFF) system.  DCFF is worn on a soldier's body and is used in all the transportation modes within the same mission:  helicopter, fixed wind, zodiac, personal submarine, ground vehicle and by foot.


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