May 5, 2000

JPL Showcases Position Integrity and CoFounder in its new Technology Gallery

May 5, 2000


Alice Wessen, Coordinator for the Technology and Applications  Program at JPL has created a new on line web-based Technology Showcase to illustrate breakthrough innovations. The Technology and Applications Program Mission Statement is to:


"Lead in the identification, development, demonstration and qualification of advanced technologies that enable JPL to 'do what no one has done before' in NASA robotic space missions and in fulfilling other sponsors missions. Apply JPL's special competencies to nationally significant technical and scientific problems, including commercialization of JPL technology."


Based on Position Integrity's long standing business relationship with JPL, which is now in its 8th year, three feature graphics were included in the showcase.  They are all in the Technology Applications and Spinnoffs section.


One of these illustrates the screen shots seen by the FAA executives during the flight test documented in our November 10, 1998 Press Release. Shown are our TerrAvoid and Tactical Display software products as they were actually used onboard our Pilatus PC-12 flight test for the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City.

Check out:


The second page shows off our highest power application, Digital Earth as it illustrates four different views of European topography. This was the same illustration and text reproduced from the NASA Spinnoff article highlighted in our October 28, 1999 Press Release.

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Clicking on the link below either picture allows you to view and capture a high resolution TIF version of the screen shots, which approximates how the original users saw these images on their computers.


The third page is a human interest story about one of Position Integrity's co-founders, Robert Severino. This is the same picture taken for an article on Mr. Severino which appeared in "Entrepreneur Magazine". 

You may find the JPL description of him at::



For more information contact Robert A. Severino at Position Integrity or by email at




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