July 26, 2000

NASA Glenn Research Center Selects Position Integrity for "T-1 in the Sky"

July 26, 2000


NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field in Cleveland, OH will be using Position Integrity's Digital Aviator, Global Aviation Safety DataBase and Weather Products as a part of its wideband satellite communications link program.   Using an advanced technology demonstrator aircraft,  the program will leverage Boeing confomal phased array antennas to provide a continuous 2MB/sec downlink into an commercial aircraft and a 256KB uplink using a Ku band communication satellite.  The aircraft to be integrated with the advanced communication equipment will be NASA's DC-10 and 757 aircraft.


          If you had a T-1 link, what would you do with it?  The obvious pilot choices would be for cockpit weather and traffic displays.  Position Integrity will provide the prototype application which will illustrate what having significant bandwidth to an aircraft in flight can do for the pilot's situation awareness and ability to redirect routing based on real time knowledge of the weather ahead.  High quality weather graphics are typically bandwidth intensive and historically been unavailable to the aircrews.  Now full resolution 2D and 3D updates can be transmitted as often as every few minutes.  Live traffic feeds to the cockpit will be researched in the next phase of flight testing.


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