September 19, 2000

PI Adds Flight Simulator Interface to Digital Aviator

October 5, 2000


The latest release of Digital Aviator (Build 1.1.20) now features an interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The interface impersonates a GPS receiver allowing Flight Simulator to drive the moving map's aircraft position and flight vector.  The effort was a collaboration between Position Integrity and business partner Maptech (Andover, MA) to provide further market visibility on joint vector and raster products offered to the Simulation and Modeling and General Aviation (GA) communities.  Simulation strategist and long time author in the aviation field, Nick Dargahi, has acknowledged the results of this recent development by bundling the new release of Digital Aviator in Nick's latest book entitled: The Ultimate Flight Simulator Pilots Guidebook, 2nd Edition, to be published by IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. in early 2001. 


The first edition of Nick's book has gained worldwide acceptance as the gamester and aficionado's bible to mastering Microsoft Flight Simulator.  With the inclusion of PI's Digital Aviator, virtual pilots can now gain situation awareness using Maptech VFR charts and PI IFR datasets while they fly various aircraft offered by Flight Simulator 95, 98 or the new Flight Simulator 2000.


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