PI Supports NASA Synthetic Vision

PI Provides Support to NASA Synthetic Vision Program

May 29, 2001


Position Integrity today announced a contract award to provide data and related information processing services for the NASA Synthetic Vision Program under Research Triangle Institute's Center for Aerospace Technology (RTP, NC).  PI's support includes the delivery of terrain and obstacle databases using its advanced proprietary data processing algorithms that source from multiple commercial and military datasets.


This latest contract delivery of U.S. Obstacles with an option to additionally provide more than 400,000 global obstacles.  The innovation behind this delivery will be integrated into the next generation 3D cockpit display systems by Archangel Avionics, Inc (Auburn, AL), which is the manufacturing arm for the NASA team. The overall objective of the project is to provide safer flight by general aviation pilots in terminal areas and in the enroute phases of navigation through better perspective views of the surrounding visual features.


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Illustration 1 (below):

The following illustration depicts one possible use of how Position Integrity's datasets are used to improve situational awareness through synthetic vision:



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