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This newly established site was developed by Position Integrity under the PACman initiative to support America's War on Terrorism.

What Is PACman?
PACman is a software distribution developed by Position Integrity that is fully integrated with a number of ergonomic, tactical hardware devices and available as a turnkey solution. The software distribution supplements the FalconView and Joint Mission Planning System ("JMPS") applications with a number of useful add-in modules that extend the functionality and usefulness of these widely-used and de facto standard COTS-based software products. In the tradition of all Position Integrity software and services, the PACman distribution employs widely-accepted industry standards like XML, TCP/IP, and UML in its implementation. This helps to ensure compatibility with current and future hardware devices and allows for rapid changes with quick and stable deployment to the battlefield.

What Does It Do?
PACman provides a completely integrated and turnkey hardware/software solution, supporting several hardware baseline configurations, with the following functionality:

  • Touch-Screen Operation
  • Wireless Communication (RF, Sat)
  • Moving Map
  • Time-Critical Targeting
  • Imagery Analysis
  • Intelligence Tracks
  • Weapon Launch Acceptability Region
  • Aircraft Technical Manuals
  • FLIP
  • Weather
  • CAS 9-Line Brief
  • Emergency Navigation
In addition, the following standard data formats are supported:
  • CIB
  • DTED
  • Position Integrity Satellite Imagery
  • USGS DOQ's
  • NOAA/FAA VFR and IFR Aeronautical Charts

Want More Info?
For additional information about the PACman initiative, please contact us.