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Aeronautical Sampler CD-ROM

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What's New
The Digital Aviator now supports Microsoft Flight Simulator. Click here for more information.

This promotional CD-ROM was produced for several of our resellers to distribute at Oshkosh and other aviation expositions. The CD includes a sampling of key aeronautical data products available from Position Integrity, as well as our free moving map and flight planning application, the Digital Aviator.

Here's what the CD includes:

  • Digital Aviator Moving Map Application
  • Detailed World Vector Basemap
  • World Place Names Database (~ 120,000 places)
  • Worldwide IFR Data Pack
  • U.S. Obstacle Pack (~ 80,000 obstacles)
  • VFR Chart Coverage for the Continental U.S. and Europe
  • Sample Satellite Imagery

This promotional CD-ROM is available for free. For further information, please click here .

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