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Position Integrity Military Services


"Our prayers go out to the innocent souls lost in the attack on our nation on September 11, 2001 and to our soldiers deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world. Let us never forget the individuals who lost their lives and the brave soldiers of the United States of America who travel across the globe to bring justice to those who are oppressed."
     -- The Position Integrity Management Team

Position Integrity has a long and distinguished history of providing highly skilled technical services to aid our armed forces in the command and control center as well as on the battlefield. Since 1993, Position Integrity has offered a wide range of products and services from tactical graphical displays, to ordinace location and guidance algorithms, to software for wearable computers. We also have extensive experience interfacing and augmenting standard cross-service software packages like FalconView. To this end, Position Integrity is dedicated to support the war on terrorism and other military-led peace seeking initiatives though the pragmatic and cost-effective application of information techology.

Position Integrity has supported military operations in Korea, Kuwait, Kosovo, Kenya, and Afghanistan, to name a few. Our technology has typically been used in quick reaction capability missions and rapid response efforts.

Position Integrity complies with all FAR and DFAR regulations for defense contractors and has secure facilities and containers for classified programs. Our NSA COMSEC accounts allow us to use the latest crypto keys and CCI equipment in the field for maximally secure flight test regimes. In addition, we have most NIMA data publications on-site as well as a dedicated NIMA liaison representive giving us immediate access to virtually any dataset required for military operations. We also are one of 3 commercial companies with a seat on the multi-service NIMA FLIP Digital Working Group where we are actively engaged in helping to steer the NIMA budget to produce and enhance datasets that will improve the tactical capabilities of our armed forces.

For More Information
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