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Marine Navigation Database  

Overview | Data Content | Availability

One of the components of the Position Integrity Geospatial Database Framework (GDF) is the Marine Navigation Database (MNDB), a specialized data mart containing continuously up-to-date navigation data for professional and recreational mariners. The MNDB was originally designed to support our military clients, whose data requirements are broad in scope and always global. It is constantly maintained by data feeds from various data production organizations (often military) using proprietary data transformation algorithms developed exclusively by Position Integrity.

To date, the content of the MNDB is largely restricted to military organizations and defense contractors. However, our military sponsors have assured us that most of the data components will be released to the public by year-end 2000. Position Integrity engineers are working to develop a comprehensive product suite to meet the demand of the consumer and commercial marine markets when these advanced datasets become available. Because of our active military involvement, we already have access to all of the newest marine datasets and are working to package them for use with our free moving map application, the Digital Mariner.

Data Content
The MNDB is continuously updated from the same mechanisms that drive Notices to Mariners and related international update publications. It includes the following marine navigation components in many resolutions for the entire globe:

  • Buoys and Lights
  • Depth Soundings and Bottom Contours
  • Wrecks and Obstructions
  • Shipping Lanes and Separation Zones
  • Prohibited, Restricted, Special Use and Warning Areas
  • Harbor and Marina Details
  • Shoreline Characteristics and Onshore Objects
All of these data components are provided in vector format, which enables them to be easily updated.

For further information on data content and availability, please contact us by email or telephone.

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