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02/26/2004 PI Gets New Digs

01/31/2004 PI Implements Dell-Powered "Tera-Center"

12/02/2003 PI Delivers Universal Navigator to NASA

03/31/2003 NASA Chooses PI for Aviation Display Software

06/12/2002 COMPUTERWORLD REPRINT: PI and PACMAN Initiative

04/01/2002 PI and Rapid Imaging Team for 3D Situational Awarness

02/06/2002 Air Force Leverages PI Technology for PACMAN Initiative

01/18/2002 Honeywell Signs Internet Services Contract with PI

09/05/2001 Honeywell Chooses PI for Aviation Data and Services

05/29/2001 PI Awarded NASA Synthetic Vision Subcontract

03/03/2001 Claremont Competition Official Press Release

01/26/2001 PI Wins Claremont Business Plan Competition

10/05/2000 NEW! Digital Aviator and Flight Simulator

09/19/2000 Biz News 1 TV Interviews PI

09/11/2000 PI Goes to WESTGIS with JPL

08/01/2000 PI Issues Investment Prospectus

07/28/2000 PI Co-founder to Speak at SPACE 2000

07/26/2000 NASA Selects PI for "T-1 in the Sky"

05/05/2000 NASA/JPL Showcases PI in Tech Gallery

05/03/2000 Major Avionics Vendor Selects PI Data

05/01/2000 Joint Defense Initiative Uses PI in Keyna Relief Effort

03/22/2000 Autonav Systems Teams with PI on New Avionics Device

02/26/2000 Maptech Becomes First Aeronautical Nav Data Distributor

10/28/1999 NASA Spinoff Magazine Features PI

08/20/1999 US SOCOM Grants Phase II Award to PI for GeoTIFF 2.0

05/25/1999 The U.S. Navy Shocases PI Innovation

05/13/1999 NASA Synthetic Vision Program Taps PI for Terrain

03/22/1999 The Business Channel TV Interview's PI

12/18/1998 PI Awarded Phase I Contract for GeoTIFF 2.0

11/10/1998 FAA Recognizes PI Terrain Avoidance Technology

07/15/1998 U.S. Special Operations Command Contracts for PI Services

04/28/1998 Bill Gates Awards PI Software Application of the Year

12/24/1997 BAE Systems Selects PI Software for Unmanned Air Vehicle

07/16/1997 U.S. Navy Contracts with PI for IT-21 Software Effort

07/04/1997 JPL Highlights PI Success Story in Time for Mars Landing

07/01/1997 FAA Chooses PI for Partnership in Research

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